FAQ and Prices

How much do you charge for your tours?

Prices for groups and sole travellers on request. All tours last three hours and the prices includes a drink at a designer bar at the end of the experience.

Do I need to be an expert on design or architecture to enjoy the tour?

Why should I choose Barcelona Design Tours?

Because taking a tour with us is like sharing the day with a friend, and unlike other companies that offer many types of tours, we only focus on Barcelona’s creative side. You could say we are obsessed with design, and being foreigners ourselves we instinctively know what visitors to Barcelona want to see.

Do I need to be an expert on design or architecture to enjoy the tour?

No! Our tours require no previous knowledge and are suitable for first time visitors to Barcelona. Just bring your curiosity and sense of fun

I am travelling alone. Can I take a private tour?

Yes of course – but the price will be the same as for two people.

What about large groups?

We cap our groups at 6 people in order to optimise the experience and stimulate conversation. If you are a large group, contact us and we will tailor-make a tour to accommodate.

Can my children come along?

Yes of course! We are parents ourselves. Just let us know so we can adjust the experience for the whole family to enjoy.

How much walking will I need to do?

We believe the best way to see Barcelona is on foot. That said, our tours don’t cover great distances, as most attractions are located in close vicinity of each other. If you are mobility challenged, let us know and we can accommodate.

Do we take a break during the tour?

Yes! We sit down for a coffee in a local cafe halfway through the tour.

Will I see buildings by Gaudí?

Our focus is on contemporary art, design and architecture, though it’s hard not to see Gaudí’s famous buildings as you work your way around Barcelona. If Gaudí is a priority for you, let us know.

What if it’s raining?

In the rare event it’s pelting it down in Barcelona, we will offer you an alternative, such as changing the date of the tour or visiting museums and galleries.

Do I have to get up early?

The default start time for our tours is 10am. Art tours may start a little later because gallery owners like to sleep in. If you would a different start time, just ask.

Can we be picked up at our hotel?

Quite possibly, just ask.

I want to see architecture studios and take an art class – can you arrange that?

Yes! We can organise a bespoke tours or event for business groups and special interest travellers to Barcelona. Just ask.

Still need to know?

Just drop us a line…