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The third branch of the Ikibana restaurant group to open in Barcelona, this is the largest and the most ambitious of the three, located in the Sarrià neighbourhood (within the former Dime restaurant and club). The original elements that define the other Ikibana restaurant interiors have been maintained here; the fusion of Japanese and Brazilian cultures, the Ikebana (a type of static floral arrangement that simulates movement and is popular in Japan) and a beautifully crafted interior design project. The space was created by the Equipo Creativo, an award winning architectural practice that has gained a reputation in the world of gastronomic restaurant interis; their clients include Ferran Adriá, OneOcean Club and the recently awarded Michelin Star restaurant Disfrutar.

The architects have created a landscape, an internal world that combines the exuberance of Brazil and the tranquillity of Japan. The Ikebana floral arrangement becomes the leitmotif for the design based on its combination of three elements; proportion, composition and balance which here are reinterpreted in the three elements of the interior; wood, vegetable and colour (or flower). Most of the furniture is made using different types of timber in different ways which is expressed as a series of organic elements, the artificial vegetation is recreated throughout using different techniques and materials.

The restaurant is organised like a winding landscape composed of different programmatic elements or islands. The bar counter and kitchens are distributed in different areas creating nodes of interest scattered throughout the space. Diners are accommodated within colourful bowls or boats floating through a manmade exotic landscape.

The space around these floating islands is fluid and is treated almost like a river where the waiters become the boatmen delivering dishes to the tables/islands.

One of the most attractive features of Ikibana Sarriá is its enormous garden and terrace, the terrace is divided over different levels and is almost unprecedented in this area of the city. An extension of the main restaurant on one level and a planted garden on a lower level for more informal dining and cocktails.