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Punt Mobles have chosen a spectacular location to shoot their recent collection. La Ricarda (also known as Casa Gomis) is an emblematic example of Catalan modernism designed by Antonio Bonet (1913–1989) – architect and co-creator of the iconic BFK (‘butterfly’) chair – during the 1950s. It is located within the wood lands surrounding Barcelona’s airport at Prat de Llobregat, facing the La Ricarda marshlands very close to the coast line. A private house commission the house was designed for the couple Ricard Gomis and his wife Inés Bertrand Mata, carried out remotely because Bonet was living in Argentina at that time. The was was fully restored in 1997by architects Fernando Álvarez Prozorovch and Jordi Roig.

The house forms the backdrop and inspiration for the recent collections from the Barcelona based furniture manufacturer Punt. Contemporary pieces by renowned designers such as Monica Armani, Arik Levy and Mario Ruiz. The photography and filming have been carried out in the house itself, A natural environment that exudes originality and light, as well as an overwhelming sense of well being and environmental peace, ideal for making the occupant feel like part of the place.”

Punt have endeavoured to transmit these elements within their collections, products that radiate nature and material beauty combined with precision in the detail and exquisite construction. Pieces of furniture that invite interaction, to be touched and to spend tie with … tables, chairs, sideboards, bookcases, mirrors and coat racks, all serving a different function like the La Ricarda pieces, and yet characterised by their form and design approach, expressing materials sensitively through a constructive know-how and sense of aesthetic functionality.

Punt Mobles was founded in 1980 by Vincent Martinez who has won numerous design awards, PUNT as the company is now known as, collaborates with some of the most prestigious designers working today.